Sports betting around the world


Every country in the world has its own tradition, its own legal system, and its own culture – but it seems that sports betting is part of every culture. Sports betting is very popular nowadays and everybody wants to participate. The variety of games and interesting offers enchants every customer and offers him or her the opportunity to win huge bonuses.
Sports betting is so popular because it knows no age limit – anyone who wants to play can do it. In addition, betting is fair, reliable and worthwhile in many cases. Add to that the variety of games, bonuses and offers – every day there are numerous offers and also new games that are interesting.

Statistics show that there are places in every country around the world where you can bet – whether it’s online betting or just a sports betting deal. International statistics show that China and Japan make the biggest turnovers in the sports betting industry despite the strict rules on betting. Every year, in these two countries, more and more people become fans of sports betting.
Japan and China are followed by the United States, which is in the 3rd position. According to statistics, the number of sports betting in the USA is increasing every year – both in online betting and in betting in shops. If we analyze the statistics in recent years, then these three countries are almost always in the top three positions.

However, European countries are also keeping pace – France, Great Britain and also Germany – all these three countries are high on the list of sports betting nations. The most popular type of sports betting in all these countries is sports betting in sports betting shops. However, sports betting on the cell phone is also very popular and offers a faster and way-saving opportunity to participate from anywhere.

Sports betting and its popularity is increasing every day, as shown by the numerous annual statistics that suggest that sports betting becomes the right sport.

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