Manchester Airport gate evacuated after cracks appear in floor at temporary lounge


Passengers were evacuated from part of Manchester Airport after cracks appeared in the floor of Terminal 2.

The structural damage occurred at a temporary gate lounge in the terminal, an airport spokesman said, where “some cracks appeared in the floor”.

Passengers were evacuated from that area as a “precautionary measure” and the damage “will be investigated and obviously repaired”, he added.

A single flight was impacted by the alert, the spokesman said.

An image tweeted by a passenger showed a large crack where a girder joined a wall – not the floor – and she said the “temporary floors sound like they are collapsing”.

The airport said it was aware of the photograph and that an investigation was underway, but could not provide further information.

The temporary gate lounge was opened last autumn and was due to remain for two years while expansion work was completed. It can accommodate about 650 passengers.